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Books/DVDs Available

You may make arrangements for purchasing any of the books/DVDs by calling the curator (315-376-7822) or e-mail

Philip and Katie Roggie Moser - by Rosanna M. Moser, 2016, 62 pages, illustrated, $12.00. The booklet is a compilation of memories for Philip and Katie Roggie Moser by their grandchildren plus genealogy.

DVD - Zwanzigstein Garden Recognition - July 4, 2015 - $6.00

One Step at a Time - Our Missionary Pilgrimage by Elmer & Eileen Lehman, (22 years in Costa Rica), Copyright 2016, 139 pages, illustrated, $12.00.

Animists to Anabaptists by Beryl Forrester, (story of the Mennonite Mission in Gambia and Guinea Bissau 2000-2013), Copyright 2015, Partnership Publications, Lititz, PA, 230 pages, illustrated, $16.00.

Returning Home $10.00 / The Miner's Song $12.00 / Crossing the Distance $16.00 / Secret Shadow $11.00, by Loreen Plett Zehr (nonfiction books)

And Mommy Loved Me So by Cynthia Moser Grau & Dawson Grau, Illustrated by Susan Lovelock, copyright c 2015, Tip of the Hat Publishers, $9.95

Generation to Generation compiled by Adirondack Mennonite Heritage Association, copyright © 2013. The keepsake book consists of old-time recipes, remedies, and sayings from the local Mennonite community.
95 pages; illustrated; $15.00

A History of the Mennonites in Lewis County New York by Arletha Zehr Bender, Lowville, NY, written in 1964. This small book is the earliest history of the Mennonites in Croghan and Lowville which includes stories, sketches as told by others, and genealogies of deacons, ministers, and bishops.
Illustrated; $5.00

Genealogy of Christian Lehman and Mary B. Zehr compiled by Janice Lehman Crofoot, Castorland, copyright © 2013. The book contains Lehman/Zehr family history, photos, excerpts from Mary Zehr Lehman's diaries, and the genealogy of Christian and Mary Lehman.
230 pages; illustrated; $25.00

God's AllStar Baseball Team by Art Zehr of Michigan, Olive Press, copyright © 2012. Find out who the allstar players are in the Bible, what their battling line-up was, and what positions they played. Also find out how God manages His team; how He chooses, calls and commissions players; who some of His allstars are today; and what it all means for your life. 151 pages; illustrated; $16.00

Heaven - Who's Got the Tickets and How Much Do They Cost? by Martha Boshart, copyright ©2001. The book begins with a straightforward explanation of how to receive God's free gift of salvation through Jesus Christ (the only ticket to heaven) and then continues with a primer for the life that follows.
185 pages; $5.00

Jacob and Catherine Zehr Roggie History and Genealogy by Arletha Zehr Bender Yoder, copyright 2015, Masthof Press. The book provides history of Roggie ancestry in Switzerland followed by the descendants of Jacob and Catherine Zehr Roggie with history and genealogy for five generations. The children's names are: Barbara Roggie (m. John Martin), Anna Roggie (m. Andrew Moser), Christian M. Roggie (m. Mary Noftsier), Joseph Roggie (m. Lena and Kate Noftsier), Mary Roggie (m. Christian Moser), Magdalena Roggie (m. Daniel Moser), Jacob Z. Roggie (m. Anna Lyndaker), Catherine Roggie (m. Philip Moser), Andrew Roggie (m. Anna Widrick), John Roggie (m. Sarah Yoder), and Lydia Roggie (m. Joseph M. Zehr). 410 pages plus index, illustrated, $30.00.

Kate by Arletha Zehr Bender Yoder, copyright © 2003. The book is a short genealogy and story of an orphan, Kate Noftsier Roggie, 1865-1947, Croghan, NY. 43 pages; illustrated; $7.50

Simple Servants: The Story of the Lewis County Mennonites is written, directed, and produced by filmmaker Dawson Grau. The film paints an intimate portrait of the little-known story of the Lewis County Mennonites whose epic struggle to freely practice their faith led them to the rugged wilderness of Northern New York, where they finally found a place to call home. Copyright 2014, Tip of the Hat Productions, LLC, $21.95

Strangers and Pilgrims: History of Lewis County Mennonites by Arlene Yousey, Croghan, NY, copyright © 1987. Arlene is a former historian of Lewis County Conservative Mennonite Churches. The book traces the roots of the Mennonite people from their European emigration in the 1800s to their present day activities.
511 pages; illustrated; $45.00

Town of Watson by Arletha Zehr Bender Yoder, Lowville, NY, copyright © 2014. The book provides brief sketches of history in the Beaches Bridge community and its seven churches since the 1800s. 45 pages; illustrated; $7.00

Zehr History and Genealogy by Arletha Zehr Bender Yoder, Lowville, NY, copyright © 2001. The book is about the Andrew and Catherine Springer Zehr family from France to America and Christian and Mary Yousey Zehr family in New York State.
366 pages; illustrated; $20.00

Other books available by local/native Mennonite authors are as follows:

Getting’ the Lead Out: A Study of American Primitive Bullets and Shot Bags by Karl Z. Smith, copyright © 2011, Scurlock Publishing Co., 247 pages, illustrated, $10.00​.

Fiction by Angela Zehr ($10.00 each) -- Dying to Live / Born to Die / Forever with the Lord

Christmas! The Whole Story of the God Who Loves by Natasha Metzler, illustrated by Brianna Siegrist. This 57-page book is an Advent storybook for children with activities. $20.00 (hardcover)

Nonfiction by Natasha (Siegrist) Metzler ($10.00 each) -- Pain Redeemed / The Thing about Dairy Farmers / Word Snacks

Aaron A. Lehman, Slave Lake, Alberta, Canada, has written a number of fiction books for children and teens. They are available for purchase at any one of the following sites: Amazon, CreateSpace,, or
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