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We are currently working on establishing our archives and organizing our extensive collections of artifacts. However, we are more than willing to help with any research projects or those looking to learn more about the history of Mennonites on a case-by-case basis. To see how we can help you, please write us at or call (315) 346-1122.

Look for the book Amish Mennonite in Tazewell County, Illinois -- Research surnames include a number of Mennonite family names from Lewis County. For example: Reference to John Kieffer's genealogy and connection to the immigration of Amish Mennonite families to Lewis County on pp. 40-41. Source: Tazewell County Genealogical & Historical Society

Research Found on Parents of John and Joseph Moser

AMHA credits a website that Frederick Jonas Zehr, Jr., Colorado Springs, Colorado, found in his research on the Moser family. (Fred is the son of Mildred [Farney] Zehr and the late Frederick Jonas Zehr of Lowville; also the fifth generation of pioneer John and Catherine Steiner Moser.)

The date of the arrival for John and Joseph Moser's parents, Christine (Christof?) and Catherine (stepmother) is confirmed and can be viewed at this website link:

The link above is for image 518, which is the manifest for the ship Charles Carroll that arrived in New York on April 6, 1839 (image 517). About two-thirds of the way down on image 518, you will find the following information (text inside parenthesis is notes in question about some of the passengers):

Christine (Christof?) Moser, Male/age 58
Joseph Forman, M/18 (nephew or simply a passenger and not part of family group?)
Catherine Moser, F/50
Barbara Moser, F/60 (sister or sister-in-law?)
Barbara Moser, F/27
Catherine Moser, F/29
Madeline Moser, F/14 (child with second wife or niece?)
Nicholas Moser, M/10 (child with second wife or nephew?)

Genealogy Credits to Ed Widrick

Edward R. Widrick, son of Ernest and Mildred Steria Widrick, Route 26, Deer River, has worked on Lewis County Mennonite genealogy for more than 50 years. AMHA credits the following links to his work and for your information too. The information is updated every three to four months.

Genealogy Credits to Fred Zehr

Immigrant Passenger List for 20 Families

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