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Research Found on Parents of John and Joseph Moser

AMHA credits a website that Frederick Jonas Zehr, Jr., Colorado Springs, Colorado, found in his research on the Moser family. (Fred is the son of Mildred [Farney] Zehr and the late Frederick Jonas Zehr of Lowville; also the fifth generation of pioneer John and Catherine Steiner Moser.)

The date of the arrival for John and Joseph Moser's parents, Christine (Christof?) and Catherine (stepmother) is confirmed and can be viewed at this website link:

The link above is for image 518, which is the manifest for the ship Charles Carroll that arrived in New York on April 6, 1839 (image 517). About two-thirds of the way down on image 518, you will find the following information (text inside parenthesis is notes in question about some of the passengers):

Christine (Christof?) Moser, Male/age 58
Joseph Forman, M/18 (nephew or simply a passenger and not part of family group?)
Catherine Moser, F/50
Barbara Moser, F/60 (sister or sister-in-law?)
Barbara Moser, F/27
Catherine Moser, F/29
Madeline Moser, F/14 (child with second wife or niece?)
Nicholas Moser, M/10 (child with second wife or nephew?)

Immigrant Passenger Lists

By Frederick Jonas Zehr of Colorado Springs, Colorado


As I started my own family genealogical research, I became aware of the wonderful work of the AMHA. After assisting on some AMHA research projects, Rosanna Moser, curator, suggested that we document the arrival of all 20 families who initially settled in Lewis County. The result yielded names not previously known. When possible, footnotes provide “educated guesses.” In other cases, it is still unknown whether they died on the voyage, died shortly after arrival or were relatives not part of the nuclear families. Hopefully, other readers and researchers will add information. Please feel free to email inquiries to


This information attempts to add to earlier works chronicling the arrival of the 20 families commemorated in the Zwanzigstein Garten at the Adirondack Mennonite Heritage Farm. The research of Arlene and Ellen Yousey, Ed Widrick, Arletha Zehr Bender Yoder, and Julia Virkler Karcher provided valuable clues and information.

Please take note of the "Family Search Image #_____" preceding the respective passenger link. To find a name(s) quickly, key the Image # at the top left of the link page.

In order to view the manifests (passenger lists and translates), you will need to register (free) with Family Search (

NOTE:  Fred is the son of Mildred (Farney) Zehr and the late Frederick Jonas Zehr of  Lowville; also the fifth generation of pioneer John and Catherine Steiner Moser.

* * *

Beller (spelled Biller on manifest and translate) – “Bolivar” – August 3, 1838 (Family Search Image #247)

Jean (53), Farmer, France; Anne (52), Anne (18), Pierre (12), Barbara (10)


Farney (spelled Farni on manifest) – “Groton” – June 4, 1834 (Family Search Image #230)

Joseph (38), France; Catherine (37), Joseph (17), Marie (16), John (14), Pierre (12), 

Magdaline (9), Christian (7)


Farney (spelled Farni on manifest) – “Bolivar” – August 3, 1838 (Family Search Image #246)

Pierre (58), Farmer, France; Marie (36), Jean (9), Anne (8), Pierre (6), Marie (3), Joseph (3 mos.)


Gasser (Listed as Farni, i.e., her maiden name) – “Bolivar” – August 3, 1838 (Family Search Image #247)

Barbara (60), Spinster, France; Marie (22), Jean (18), Barbara (15), Pierre (13)


Garber (spelled Greuber on manifest) – “Groton” – June 4, 1834 (Family Search Image #230)

John (24), Farmer, France; Magdaline (62)


Garber (spelled Garbara on manifest) – “Charles Carroll” – April 6, 1839 (Family Search 

Image # 518)


John (22), Farmer, France; Maria Farne (47), Barbara (19)

*Strangers and Pilgrims Arlene Yousey – see page 278


Hirschey (Hirschy) – “Groton” – June 4, 1834 (Family Search Image #230)

Christoph (19)


Hirschey (Hirschy) – “Groton” – June 4, 1834 (Family Search Image #230)


Simon (44), Farmer; Marguerite (42), Elisa (10), Magdaline (8), Catherine (6), John (1)


Jantzi (Tantse) – “Groton” – June 4, 1834 (Family Search Image #230)

Anna (22)

Jantzi (Tansey) – “Groton” – June 4, 1834 (Family Search Image #230)

John (28), Farmer, France; Elisa (28), Magdaline (1)


Jantzi (Tansey) – “Groton” – June 4, 1834 (Family Search Image #230)

Catherine (50); John, 19 (Moser), Joseph, 17 (Moser), Catherine (16), Christian (14), Pierre (12), Nicholas (10), Ferena (6)

Kennel (spelled Kenel on manifest) – “Statera” – June 19, 1833 (Family Search Image #691)

Christopher (33), Farmer, France; Madaline (32), Barbe (9), Catharine (7), Christoph (5), Madaline (4), Suzanne (3), Jean (1), Nicholas, (24)*

*I found no Nicholas Kennel in either Ed Widrick's Rootsweb genealogy nor in any U.S. or Canadian censuses. However, I did find Michael Jantzi (same age) in Ed's work and Canadian censuses. Since three Jantzi sisters (Anna, Marie and Magdalena) and their families plus Joseph Jantzi (Nafziger on the manifest) were on the "Statera,” I guess that there was a clerical error on the manifest and that Nicholas Kennel was actually Michael Jantzi. Also, per Ed Widrick, Michael Jantzi married Marie Boshart in 1834 in Canada.


Lehman (spelled Sehmann)  – “Hahneman” – April 13, 1852 (Family Search Image #317)

Peter (30), Farmer, France (passenger #46)

NOTE:  Although Peter's age differs from other accounts, arrival date agrees with naturalization papers.


Lehman (spelled Summer/Schurar) – “Union” – July 3, 1854 (Family Search Image #88)

Marie (50), Farmer, France (passenger #118); Christian (30); Simon (17)

Lyndaker (spelled Lenteger on manifest) – “Chesapeake” – September 15, 1848  (Family Search Passenger #204, Image #509/510)

Barbara, (3)3, Farmer, France, Barbara (10), Joseph (6), Catherina (3)


Passenger #108, image #507 may be Francois Lyndaker (spelled Damont, 26, on manifest)


Martin – “St. Nicholas” – January 4, 1847 (Family Search Image #358)

J(oseph), 70, Farmer, Germany; Barbe, (6)7 *died en voyage, Joseph (4)3, Barbe (6), Andrew (6), 

Cath (5),  P Martin (2) *died en voyage  

*Strangers and Pilgrims – p. 293


Martin – “Charles Thompson” – April 10, 1854 (Family Search Image #195)

Andri (50), Farmer, Germany; Barbara (44), Maria (17), Jean (13), Christoph (11)

NOTE:  Listed after the Martin family is the Jean Schertz family of six people. Barbara Martin's maiden name was Schertz. Strangers and Pilgrims by Arlene Yousey states that the Schertz family settled in Illinois.

Moser – “Charles Carroll” – April 6, 1839 (Family Search Image #518)


Christine (58), Farmer, France; Barbara (60)*; Joseph Forman (18)**, Catherine (50), 

Catherine (29), Barbara (27), Madaline (14) and Nicholas (10)***


*Could be sister of Marie Farney (Christoph Moser's first wife)


***Possibly children with second wife, Catherine. Believe Madeline married Nicholas Rieffennacht.

Mossiman – “John Hancock – May 29, 1849 (Family Search Image #804)

Barbara (56), France; Magdelena (24), Catharina (17), wife of Rogui, Jaques or Jacob


NOTE:  Sources indicate that Magdelena had a daughter named Elizabeth, born 1847 in France. This Elizabeth appears in the Peter Yancey household in various censuses and is listed stepchild. Elizabeth does not appear on this manifest.

Sources also indicate that Jacob Roggie's mother, Veronica "Fanny" Thomas, came to America with this group. It seems she may have traveled on the "Marathon” that arrived on July 26, 1850 (passenger # 290). She does appear in the Jacob Roggie household in 1850, 1855, 1860, and 1865.

Nafziger (spelled Nesfine on manifest) – “Statera” – June 19, 1833 (Family Search Image #690)

Christoph (41), Miller, France; Marie (40), Madaline (16), Catharine (14), Marie (10), 

Susanne (8), Jean (5), Babelt (12)*, Frederic (2)**, Babette (46)*, Solote (26)*, Joseph (21)*,

Madaline (22)*


*They do not appear in other sources. Relatives/in-laws? Joseph Jantzi born 1812; died 1847, Ontario.

**Ed Widrick has “Frederic” died in France. Strangers and Pilgrims by Arlene Yousey does not list him.


Rieffannacht (Riebenacht) – “Burgundy” – January 12, 1841 (Family Search Image #640)

Nichs (Nicholas), 17, Shoemaker, France

NOTE:  His citizenship intention (filed Sept. 17, 1844) and petition/oath (filed Oct. 16, 1848) state that he arrived in New York in Jan., 1841.  Note that Jean and Joseph Gingrich are listed with Nicholas.


Rieffannacht (spelled Rubenach on manifest) – “Waverly” – May 22, 1843 (Family Search 

Image #983)

Hans (49), France; Peter (16), Jean (14)*, Suzanne (12), Magdalina (10), Anna (8)
*Other accounts state remained in Germany.

Additional Rieffennacht Family Research - 2021


Roggie (spelled Rogui on manifest) – “John Hancock” – May 29, 1849 (Family Search Image #804)


Jaques (25), Farmer, France

NOTE:  Sources also indicate that Jacob Roggie's mother, Veronica "Fanny" Thomas, came to America with this group. It seems she may have traveled on the "Marathon,” arriving on July 26, 1850 (passenger #290).  

Schantz (spelled Schony on manifest) – “Baltimore” – January 25, 1848 (Family Search Roll #070, Image #851)


Joseph (33), Farmer, France; Valentine (31)

NOTES:  The naturalization letter of intent for Joseph Schantz stated he arrived Jan. 7, 1847. The naturalization papers for Philander Schantz used both Philander and Valentine and his signature looked like Valentine. Philander's obituary in the May 17, 1894, Journal and Republican stated that he was nearly 79 years old and arrived 47 years ago.

Their mother, Mary Risser, may appear on image # 850 as “Madger, Maurice, 70, female.”

There is a Joseph Reisser, age 20, near the bottom of this same page.

On the 1855 census of New Bremen, Philander, Joseph and Mary (Resar) state they have been here seven years. 

Steiner – “Chesapeake” – September 15, 1848 (Family Search Passenger #199, Image #509)

Philipp, (6)2, Farmer, France; Maria, (5)6, Catherine, (2)2, Magdalina, (1)7, Andreas, (1)5


Steiner – “Helvetia” – October 11, 1851 (Family Search Image #244)


Jacob (30), Farmer, Hesse; Sophie (26), Sophie (2)

Steria (spelled Sterg on manifest) – “Fanny” – May 28, 1846 (Family Search Image #835, 

Passenger #8)

Joseph (21), Farmer, France

NOTE:  Although the arrival year differs, this essentially agrees with the account in Strangers and Pilgrims by Arlene Youseypp. 314-315.

Virkler (spelled Vereklew on manifest) – “Formosa” – April 7, 1834 (Family Search Image #253)

Wodslphe (Rudolph) (42), Farmer, France; Ann (40), Joseph (18), Christen (16), John (14), 

Andrew (12), Jacop (10), Peter (8), Nicholas (2)  

NOTE:  Ages for Nicholas and Peter differ from listing in Farney Virkler Zehr book.


Widrick (Listed as Ummel; likely Omelle, see Strangers and Pilgrims, p. 318) – “Bolivar” – August 3, 1838 (Family Search Image #247)

Elizabeth (59), Spinster, France*; Anne (22), Joseph (17)

*Sister-in-law to Peter Widrick


Widrick (spelled Vitrich on manifest) – “Bolivar” – August 3, 1838 (Family Search Image #247)


Pierre (42), Farmer, France; Marie (30), Anne (10), Marie (9), Babette (6), Jean (4), Chatrine (2), Madelaine (50) 


Yousey (spelled Gautschi on manifest) – “Asia” – May 26, 1834 (Family Search Image #94,

Passenger #65)

Chret (51), Farmer, France; Catherine (46), Jacobine (20), Jean (17), Madeline (15), Benoit (11), 

Henry (5), Catherine (42)


Yousey (spelled illegible, 8th from bottom of page) – “Normandie”  – April 10, 1835

Christian (18), Farmer, France

NOTE:  Christian does not appear with other family members arriving in 1834. He does appear in census and naturalization records.


Yousey (Spelled Jossy on manifest) – “Albany” – December 9, 1842 (Family Search Image #165)

Jean (41), Farmer, France; Susanna (35), Peter (10), Johann (5), Joseph (4), Nicolas (2) - died November 24, 1842 


Zehr (spelled Teht on manifest) – “Stratera” – June 19, 1833 (Family Search Image #691)


Michael (44), Miller, France; Anna (40), Michael (19), Christian (16), Anna (14), Georges (12)*, 

Jean (10), Joseph (8), Barbe (6), Catharine (4), Suzanna (1)**


*Does not appear in Farney Virkler Zehr; Ed Widrick has died in France; Strangers and Pilgrims has same manifest list.

**Does not appear in Farney Virkler Zehr book. Ed Widrick has died in France; Findagrave has died 1835, interred Amish Zehr Cemetery.


Zehr – “Gallia” – May 9, 1850 (Family Search Image #567)

Andre (29), Farmer, France; Catherine (33), Magdaline (5), Catherine (3), Joseph (2)

Genealogy Credit to Ed Widrick

Edward R. Widrick, son of Ernest and Mildred Steria Widrick, Route 26, Deer River, worked on Lewis County Mennonite genealogy for more than 50 years (died in November 2019 at 83 years). AMHA credits the link below to his work.

Genealogy Credit to Darla (Knerr) Yancey

Darryl Widrick Genealogy Blog

Look for the book Amish Mennonite in Tazewell County, Illinois -- Research surnames include a number of Mennonite family names from Lewis County. For example: Reference to John Kieffer's genealogy and connection to the immigration of Amish Mennonite families to Lewis County on pp. 40-41. Source: Tazewell County Genealogical & Historical Society

Farney Virkler Zehr Genealogies
Here is a free online account with FamilySearch -- You can search the genealogies of the Farney Virkler Zehr books printed in 1933 and 1969 (compiled by Mrs. Urban Karcher).

In addition, the Genealogies of Three Large Families -- the Farney families from 1795 to 1933; the Rudolph Virkler family, from 1698 to 1933; the Zehr family from 1789 to 1933. [Compiled by Mrs. Laura E. Virkler Farney and Julius Farney] is available at the Internet Archives.
Click HERE

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Croghan Reservoir Road Map 1999

Find a Grave

Amish Zehr Cemetery, Croghan
Amish Zehr Cemetery List (compiled by Fred Zehr)
Croghan Apostolic Christian Cemetery
Croghan Mennonite Cemetery
Crystal Light Mennonite Church Cemetery
Denmark Mennonite Fellowship
First Mennonite Church Cemetery, New Bremen
Kirschnerville Cemetery
Naumburg Evangelical Baptist Cemetery
Naumburg Mennonite Cemetery
Naumburg Union Cemetery
Riverside Cemetery (Leyendecker/Lyndaker)
Swackhamer Cemetery, Houseville (Noftsier)
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There is a login and then search by first and last name to listen to the interview. The following participated from the Mennonite community: Norman and Phyllis Lyndaker, Anna Wagler, Ed Yancey, Arlene Yousey, Carl Zehr, Floyd and Pearl Zehr, and Pearl A. Zehr. Transcripts are also available at the website.

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